Solutions for Civic Bodies

We provide optimized solutions for all civic bodies that wish to efficiently manage their waste or need assistance in running their own waste management system. Usually we begin our process with a waste audit of the entire waste stream in the designated area. This allows us to assess the average quantity and primary components of the waste generated. Post the audit, we recommend technologies such as a compost pit, tumblers, OWC system, biogas plant or a windrow system. In other cases we provide the labor for reactivation of defunct plants. Having agreed upon a technology, we install the system as well as run it regularly. We also collect the dry waste and send it to our established recycling centers.

One of our most successful project is that of the civic corporation in Cuncolim Goa. We collect both the dry waste and the wet waste from that locality and bring it to a waste management center. Here it is segregated, and the wet waste is composted using windrows. The dry waste it sent to local recyclers.

Another one of our endeavors includes our work with the Rajkot Municipal Corporation in partnership with the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC). We installed a biogas plant that handles 5 tons of wet waste a day from the city. The biogas generated from the waste is converted to electricity that is used for street lighting.

Another marquee that we have undertaken is with UNDP and Coca Cola at Bicholim, Goa. Here we have built a material recovery facility for the town of Bicholim. Recyclable waste from all around the town is brought into the centre where it is further segregated into relevant categories, baled, plastic is turned into granules and then channelized into recycling.

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