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In alignment with our values, we regularly help corporates in their CSR activities that helps spread awareness and encourages a sense of responsibility towards protecting the environment. For this purpose we partner with various corporates that need assistance in waste management technologies which happens to be our forte.
We take pride in our project that we undertook in the village of Pirangut, Pune in association with Coco Cola that sponsored this undertaking. They adopted the village so that all the waste generated can be managed efficiently. We first conducted a massive audit which involved a sample size of 500 people from schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants and so on. We set up a system where the wet waste is composted using shredding and curing. We also ensured that numerous bins were provided so that the streets are kept clean. Currently we are undertaking a similar project for waste management in Dwarka, Gujarat.
Another one of our noteworthy projects includes the one with the Maharashtra Railways Vikas Corporation. We decided to create awareness near the Govandi Station for a year so that the station is kept litter free. To do so, we conducted street plays. The fundamental problem associated with the station is that it rests between slums on both sides. Often, waste generated in these slums is disposed on the station. We identified this problem and set up a system accordingly. We installed smart bins on the station that produce a clapping sound every time one throws waste in it. We also ensure regular cleaning of the platform and we have installed a tumbler system for composting the wet waste.
Currently we are handling the waste for Bandra Terminus railway station as well.

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