Extended Producer Responsibility

EPR, short for Extended Producer Responsibility, mandates every company that generates plastic waste or uses plastic for packaging of their products, to introduce a collect-back system for the post consumer plastic that they sent into the market. The collected plastic has to be recycled or processed through certified channels. The collection has to be done through Producer’s Responsibilty Organizations (PRO). Sampurn(e)arth is a registered PRO with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). This rule is part of the Plastic Waste Management Rules that were laid down in 2016. It was put in action in light of the serious issues being posed by the use of plastic, primarily water pollution.
Sampurn(e)arth has substantial experience in helping companies achieve their goals in EPR. We take pride in our strong ties with plastic coprocessors, as well as other plastic recyclers. We have embraced a triple bottom-lined approach involving all the stakeholders like the informal sector (waste-pickers and scrap dealers), waste generators and the government, making us the right choice for you.

We are working on several EPR projects. We are the official waste collection partner of Tetra Pak, working with cooperative retail stores such as Sahakari Bhandar and Reliance Fresh for the last 5 years much before the mandate from the government came in.

Our EPR Presence is there in 5 states- Goa, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Kolkata, Gujarat.
EPR Waste processed- 2,500 Metric Tonnes

Our prominent EPR clients

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